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Digital Marketing Strategy Melbourne

It’s a process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage

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Here are we to make your Dream come true!! Think Tank Digital's a company known for its aesthetic, effective website designing and building websites.

Online Ecommerce website Melbourne

Marketing strategy for ecommerce online stores/ Generate MAGENTO and WOOCOMMERCE based websites. Virtual Trial room for online store.

Automation Marketing Melbourne

It is a revolutionary way of marketing. Those days are gone when we use traditional marketing. Use this funnel of market segment where you can

Online Marketing & SEO Melbourne

Word of mouth/social media marketing (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc) campaigns/Email marketing and nourishing leads/YouTube ads or


We at Thinktank are all set with a wide variety of skills to develop your visionary Software and APPs with certified software engineers.

Google AdWords

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Survey quiz


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foc4_con2 I need to change my future direction.

page :   2/43

foc5_act1 I haven’t been taking actions to find my new direction.

page :   3/43

foc6_act2 A lot of people talk about taking a new direction but I am doing it.

page :   4/43

foc7_mnt1 I am concerned I can’t sustain my new direction for long.

page :   5/43

foc8_mnt1 I am confident in continuing success in my new direction.

page :   6/43

frd1_cho1 I am free to do anything, if it appeals to me.

page :   7/43

frd2_cho2 Family pressures limit the choices I can make about future directions.

page :   8/43

frd3_fin1 I don’t have the financial resources necessary to take a new direction.

page :   9/43

frd4_fin2 Money is not an issue in my choice of new direction.

page :   10/43

frd5_eng1 I have health issues that affect my energy levels.

page :   11/43

frd6_eng2 I have the energy to work over 12 hours a day, if necessary.

page :   12/43

frd7_tme1 I don’t have the time to think about a new direction.

page :   13/43

frd8_tme2 I am willing to sacrifice leisure time to work on my next direction.

page :   14/43

spt1_com1 One or more persons outside of my family know the real me.

page :   15/43

frd8_tme2 I am willing to sacrifice leisure time to work on my next direction.

page :   16/43

spt1_com1 One or more persons outside of my family know the real me.

page :   17/43

spt2_com2 I am comfortable revealing my thoughts and feelings to others.

page :   18/43

spt3_out1 I don’t participate in group or online platforms to share information and advice.

page :   19/43

spt4_out2 I am often willing to provide advice and information to others.

page :   20/43

spt5_out3 I regularly interact with people of different ages and backgrounds.

page :   21/43

spt6_col1 I like working with other people.

page :   22/43

spt7_col2 To do something properly it is better to do it yourself.

page :   23/43

spt8_col3 I believe groups perform better than individuals working alone.

page :   24/43

rsl1_rkm1 People who know me would say I take well considered risks.

page :   25/43

rsl2_rkm1 If you don’t know how things will turn out it is best to do nothing.

page :   26/43

rsl3_ctrl1 I can keep a sense of humor when things get difficult.

page :   27/43

rsl4_ctrl2 What happens in the future largely depends on luck.

page :   28/43

rsl5_ctrl3 Success is largely about seeing opportunities and taking them.

page :   29/43

rsl6_ctrl4 Focused effort and commitment will lead me to a new direction.

page :   30/43

rsl7_adpt1 I get stressed when things don’t go as planned.

page :   31/43

rsl8_adpt2 I like to think on my feet.

page :   32/43

opt1_lrn1 I have reached the peak of my abilities.

page :   33/43

opt2_lrn2 I enjoy learning even when it has no immediate application.

page :   34/43

opt3_skx1 I don’t see many different ways to apply my skills and experience.

page :   35/43

opt4_skx2 I have more skills or experience for a new direction than I did 2 years ago.

page :   36/43

Agree (2)

page :   37/43

opt6_skx4 I see opportunities where I can apply my skills and experience.

page :   38/43

opt7_psl1 I am not a good problem solver.

page :   39/43

opt8_psl2 I see ways to solve practical problems around me.

page :   40/43

foc1_pre1 There is no need to make changes in my current situation.

page :   41/43

foc2_pre2 I feel like I should think about my future.

page :   42/43

foc3_con1 I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about options for my next direction.

You have finished the quiz.

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