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It’s a process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage

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Word of mouth/social media marketing (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc) campaigns/Email marketing and nourishing leads/YouTube ads or


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Microsoft Azure Services-Cloud computing Services- Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Microsoft Azure= Cloud Computing + Microsoft + Think Tank Digital Optimizers services

a. What do you mean by Azure?

b. What is the cloud service in Azure?

c. What is the Microsoft Azure?

d. What is the use of Azure?

e. Advantages of Azure: Top 9 Microsoft Azure Benefits That Changes Business

Think Tank Digital Optimizers-Cloud computing Services– Microsoft Azure Services

Think Tank Digital Optimizers-Cloud computing Services

Everything has a fixed quality parameter. Amazon web services (AWS) , Salesforce and Microsoft Azure runs the best cloud computing certification program. Currently, Amazon web services (AWS), Salesforce, Microsoft Azure are globally recognized. It is the finest cloud computing program in the world. The high-end training courses by Amazon web services (AWS), Salesforce, Microsoft Azure are integrating enormous talent pools within the aspirants. Think Tank Digital Optimizers hire only certified cloud professionals with great experience.

What is the cloud service in Azure?

Microsoft entered into cloud computing by introducing Microsoft Azure on 2008. It supports many programming languages which include own platforms and third-party software.

Azure is a comprehensive set of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through our global network of data centres. Integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to Internet-scale solutions.

Develop, package, and deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services, and the click of a button. Scale from 1 to 1000 in minutes. Once your application is deployed, that’s it—from provisioning and load balancing, to health monitoring, Azure handles the rest.

What are the different types of cloud computing services?

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • or, Storage, Database, Information, Process, Application, Integration, Security, Management, Testing-as-a-service.

What are the three main categories of cloud computing?

  • IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)
  • PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service)
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)
  • or, Storage, Database, Information, Process, Application, Integration, Security, Management, Testing-as-a-service.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

A software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service. Software as a Service allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A computing platform being delivered as a service. Here the platform is outsourced  in place of a company or data center purchasing and managing their own hardware and software layers.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A computer infrastructure, such as virtualization, being delivered as a service. IaaS is popular in the data center where software and servers are purchased as a fully outsourced service and usually billed on usage and how much of the resource is used.

What do you mean by Azure?

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft that can be used to build and host online Web applications through Microsoft data centers. Management of the scalable Web applications is also performed at Microsoft’s data centers.

What companies offer cloud computing services?




Joyent. San Francisco infrastructure-as-a-service provider, Joyent is the high-performance cloud infrastructure company, offering the only solution specifically built to power real-time web and mobile applications. …

CenturyLink. …





Think Tank Digital Optimizers-Cloud computing Services – Cloud computing: A multidimensional IT approach

The resource management, profitability enhancement and expenditure minimization are manually impossible. There has to be something that looks after everything in a dynamic way. For this, designing of cloud computing courses took place. It helped in management of the assigned work. It also reminds the pending payment for the executed work. Cloud computing virtualization is one step ahead in the IT sector development. It is the savior of routine problems and overburdening of tasks.

What is the Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Microsoft Azure allows its developers to use their datacentres networks. The centres are integrated with cloud services to do data computations. Azure is standing in the second position on a cloud platform competition.

Microsoft Azure provides supports lots of industries. It supports data from wide range of backgrounds. The sectors could be healthcare, financial, retail, discrete manufacturing and much more. Also, it supports testing and deploying the data from the various application. It ranges from digital marketing, mobile, blockchain and so on. Azure

A survey showed that the Azure market share is 34% and growing year-over-year. Also, 1,20,000 new customers are joining every month. More than 90% of Fortune 500 compare are using the Azure platform.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a type of computing that depends on sharing computing resources stored in huge servers situated and handled by big companies rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.

In cloud computing, the word cloud (also phrased as “the cloud”) is used in place of “the Internet or web 2.0 ,” so the phrase cloud computing means “a type of Internet-based computing,” where different services — such as servers, storage and applications — are delivered to an organization’s computers and devices through the Internet.

What is Microsoft’s cloud?

A Private Cloud basically delivers infrastructure as a service. Microsoft`s office365 is software as a service, where the customers can have access to the office suite, sharepoint, exchange, and lync. Windows Azure is platform as a service, a platform where developers can run their applications

What is the use of Azure?

You’ve probably heard both the terms Windows Azure and Microsoft Azure being used. Azure has created tremendous success for Microsoft as a global cloud-based system that excels at integrating various services, including Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS).

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s cloud-based application platform for developing, managing, and hosting applications off-site. Azure consists of several components: the cloud operating system itself; SQL Azure, which provides database services in the cloud; and .NET services

What is PaaS? Platform as a Service|What is PaaS in Azure?

PaaS allows you to avoid the expense and complexity of buying and managing software licenses, the underlying application infrastructure and middleware or the development tools and other resources. You manage the applications and services you develop, and the cloud service provider typically manages everything else.

What is PAAS in cloud computing with example?

PaaS platforms for software development and management include Appear IQ, Mendix, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine and Heroku. PaaS is one of three main categories of cloud computing services. The other two are software as a service (SaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS)


What is the Azure SQL Database?

SQL Azure is Microsoft’s cloud database service. Based on SQL Server database technology and built on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud computing platform, SQL Azure enables organizations to store relational data in the cloud and quickly scale the size of their databases up or down as business needs change.

Overall, Microsoft Azure is the way of improving business for many companies. The companies know how to use the big data will thrive in the future competition. Azure offers incredible computational power so that you can make the difference in business.


Why you need cloud computing Services from Think Tank Digital Optimizers?

The AWS (Amazon web services) training has given livelihood to millions of people so far. You can also be the one to get a reputed job after taking the AWS (Amazon web services) training. The acquired skill set not only makes you worthier but also gives you more confidence and self-esteem. You have an extra feather in your hat with the much-needed Amazon web service training.

Advantages of Azure: Top 9 Microsoft Azure Benefits That Changes Business

  1. Azure Is Speed

The Speed is primary factors that determine the importance of a cloud platform. The speed which the data is crucial for any business. Azure is fast when compared to its rivals.  Azure is user-friendly, easy to install and operate.  The functionality speed of Azure is superior to other cloud services.

  1. Azure Is Agility

Developers using Azure to do the various tasks with agility such as test, feedback, computation and so on. The developers can build and test their application in a much efficient way.   Azure offers complex infrastructure to users at a lower price. They can try new features without paying the entire price. This means that the developers can explore new avenues and technologies. With these innovations, all companies make the huge impact on the market. With this type of agility, teams can explore new fronts and grow quicker or fail faster.

  1. Azure is Security

For small organisations, spending money on the safety is a big concern. The problem is that preventing the system from hacker attack is the biggest worry for many companies. Also, companies have to upgrade their security now and then. It cost a lot of time and money. Microsoft is most trusted brand in history. It offers reliable support to your business. You need not bother about updating security and hackers.

  1. Azure Gives Global Reach

After the advent of the Internet, every business can be taken into global scale. For companies, it is mandatory to have global data-centres which can help to reach the larger audience. The significant advantage of azure is that the businesses can adapt to global footprint and improve the performance.

  1. Azure Gives Integrated Environment

The Visual Studio (World leading developing environment) is another plus that bakes Azure platform. Many developers are using the Visual Studio for developing apps. This is a significant game-changer for developers and proves the importance of Azure in businesses.

For instance, the smart watch is the one of IoT device which connected to Azure platform.  The health data from smart watches are used to interpret and collate to find the cause of patients. Still few organisations are using excel to do the complex computation. For that Azure gives built-in engine so that companies can increase capacity.

  1. Azure Supports the Virtual Machines

The hardware and software industries are changing day-by-day. Even big companies can’t find difficult to modify the computer frequently. Azure is an open-source platform which supports Linux, IBM, Oracle, and much more. For sophisticated computational, you can customise the machine they way you want it. Deploying the applications done in seconds. Also, Azure is an ideal way to enhance the security of your sensitive data. You can pay in minutes for using virtual machines which are an effective way of keeping the cost low.

  1. Azure offers Disaster Recovery

Azure offers you built-in security while you transfer the data globally. If unwanted things happen, recovery backups are provided for every individuals or company.  They offer 24-hour reboot capabilities. There is no way, and you cannot lose the data while processing. Using the Azure hybrid-machines on windows server will save up to 40% in your budget.

  1. Azure offer Custom-made Machines

The Azure provides IaaS & PaaS services. The managed service is IaaS. The advantage of using IaaS is that companies have to pay what they are using as cloud-computing infrastructure. The Unmanaged service is PaaS. This allows custom-made software and hardware to the organisations. The companies need not buy underlying infrastructure.

  1. Azure Offers Analytics Support

Around 90% of enterprises are functioning with big data. They need a platform that supports their database for computation. For them, Azure provides two databases known as SQL(structural) and NoSQL(non-structural). These data database allows companies to dig deeper into big data. Also, you can find new insight from the data to improve your business.

Having listed all the advantage, Azure has certain drawbacks. It is not for all, for some. Azure requires a certain amount of expertise to deployment. A common mistake is that companies don’t understand how poor they are operating Azure services. It can cost millions of dollars.  In some cases, it is hard for users to find which instance is good for them. The company have to hire someone with skills to operate. The cloud-computing itself a vast area to study.