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Marketing strategy for ecommerce online stores/ Generate MAGENTO and WOOCOMMERCE based websites. Virtual Trial room for online store.

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SAP Consultant Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

System Application Product + Business Strategy

SAP is a short form of System Application Product, Think Tank Digital Optimizers SAP Consultants can help.

What is SAP ?

SAP is a short form of System Application Product. SAP and ERP that is enterprise resource planning are one and the same thing. If you talk in a layman’s language, It is a software that helps to integrate all the business processes with the help of programming. It gets the real-time feedback of all the activities that are taking place in a business organization.

The world has progressed a lot in terms of technology. Today, all the business activities that earlier used to take place manually is done with the help of computers and software. The businesses are now going online. The sale that earlier used to take place through visiting a local shop is now done online. It has become very important that with the fast moving world the business also move at same pace. To stay in the competition advancement is necessary.

Who is a SAP consultant ?

SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) is a person who helps you and guides you on how to integrate the business processes to get a real-time result of all the activities. It doesn’t matter if a business is big or small the SAP software can be used for all sizes of organization.

A SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) can help in making your business task and day to day feedbacks easier.


What is the benefit of using SAP software

As discussed earlier SAP stands for Software Application and Products. It is system software which helps you keep track of different departments of an organization.


  • For example, if you are to deliver a good to a customer you need to keep track your inventory. This is important before you make a commitment to the customer. Hence, the sales department needs updated list of the stocks. That is if the product is available in the inventory or not. Making entries manually will take a longer time in keeping track of things. Also, there is a possibility to encounter human errors while completing the process.


With the help of SAP, the task of keeping track of the inventory becomes very easy. All the update of the stock available in the inventory is updated to the system at the very same time. The sales team can have a look at their system and update the customer if the desired product is available or not. Once sales teams make a sale the updated inventory will show one less of the product. This way both the departments get updated. Keeping the track of supplies available in the inventory. This saves time as well as gives real time update to all the departments at once.


  • Not only limited to the sales team or the inventory management. But, it also helps the upper management to keep track of the progress of sales. It helps them prepare their annual or quarterly reports.
  • The organization becomes centralized. That is all the processed data is available for all personals working in an organization.
  • It helps to cut down the time and money taken in processing the data.

It also cuts down the calculation errors caused due to human error and observation

Types of SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant)

When dealing with the SAP consultants you can come across two types of SAP consultants

  • Functional consultants (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant)

A functional consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) is a person/company who will help you with the overall development of the project. It can be about what all departments you need to take control of how exactly you would like your SAP software to work etc.

  • Technical consultants (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant)

A technical SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) is a person/company who will help you with the programming of your software that is the backend of your SAP software.


Different SAP modules

When working with the SAP software it gets divided into four distinct modules. Those are sales and distribution (SD) module, Materials management (MM) module, Purchase and Store (PS) module, and CRM module. Further the SAP module gets divided into many sub parts. It depends on the requirement of the organization.


  • Sales & Distribution Module

This module keeps track of all the supplies sold or distributed. From the available inventory it subtracts the number of supplies that got sold.


  • Material Management Module

Material Management module keeps track of the inventory. It stores the details of all the manufactured supplies or goods. This keeps track of what the current status of the inventory is. When the selling of a product takes place, the updated inventory shows up. This helps the manufacturing department knows when to start the manufacturing again.


  • Purchase & Store Module

Purchase and Store module helps to keep the track of all the purchases. To create an inventory or to manufacture a good you need the raw materials from the market. It keeps track of all the raw material that is already available in the factory. Also it keeps a track of purchasing of goods required.


  • CRM Customer relation Module

CRM module stands for customer relationship management module. This is to keep track of all the customer activities.


How does a SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) help?

SAP consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Consultant) helps you in setting up an ERP software for your organization. He goes through the entire business operations. Guides you on how to integrate all the different departments of a business under a single software. He converts your business ideas and activities and turns them into a logical programming. A consultant will help you achieve the final goal and customize the software according to your needs.