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Digital Marketing Strategy Melbourne

It’s a process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage

Web Design Melbourne

Here are we to make your Dream come true!! Think Tank Digital's a company known for its aesthetic, effective website designing and building websites.

Online Ecommerce website Melbourne

Marketing strategy for ecommerce online stores/ Generate MAGENTO and WOOCOMMERCE based websites. Virtual Trial room for online store.

Automation Marketing Melbourne

It is a revolutionary way of marketing. Those days are gone when we use traditional marketing. Use this funnel of market segment where you can

Online Marketing & SEO Melbourne

Word of mouth/social media marketing (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc) campaigns/Email marketing and nourishing leads/YouTube ads or


We at Thinktank are all set with a wide variety of skills to develop your visionary Software and APPs with certified software engineers.

Google AdWords

Launching your business online easy, sustaining is the hard part. If you are reading this right now, chances are your sales targets are not being met.


System Application Product + SAP Consultant + SAP Business Consultant

From strategic planning to implementation, Think Tank Digital Optimizers SAP Consulting services/SAP Consultant team can help.

SAP Service Australia/SAP Soutions/SAP Experts.

SAP Service Australia, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

SAP consultants (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia) are flourishing in Australian market. Australia has always been the most desirable land for the SAP consulting services (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia). It is not only the opportunity in Australia because of the manufacturing industries. It is also because of the versatility of the SAP software. Use of SAP software is not limited to manufacturing industry or sales marketing industry. It is also used in the healthcare industry, education industry, etc.

SAP support and service:

SAP Solution Manager. Easily manage your SAP and non-SAP applications throughout their lifecycles – with SAP Solution Manager. Based on an SAP Enterprise Support contract, it includes all the processes, tools, and services you need to support your IT landscape now and in the future.

Australia is a place that welcomes people who have skills and talent. Many SAP professionals (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia) from across the world have found their foot in Australia. Among the few growing industries in Australia is the IT industry and in IT industry it is SAP Software.

SAP Business consultant (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia):

SAP Business consultant is the people who help the business owners. They establish track and plan business to achieve success. They have the skills to help the business in strategic ways. They are the ones who have the knowledge of the current market trends.


Most of the SAP business consultants (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia) in Australia use SAP software to help the owners to centralize their businesses. Let it be any kind of business the SAP software is capable to provide solutions to all kind of business.

ERP system (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia):

ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. As from the name itself it is quite clear that the ERP software helps in the planning of the business processes. The ERP and the SAP software are one and the same thing. The use of the software is to centralize the process and to get real-time feedback of the processes.


Where the SAP business consultants use the SAP software

The SAP business consultant uses the SAP software and SAP ERP system almost in every business establishments. It does not matter if the organization is big or small. All that matters is how well managed the organization is. Even a small managed organization can do wonders. And a mismanaged big organization can collapse like a house of cards.

Here are the few industries and organizations that use SAP/ ERP system.

  1. Manufacturing industry

In the manufacturing industry to make the system centralised businesses use of SAP software and SAP ERP systems. The software helps keep track of the inventory. It helps in keeping track of the shipped goods and orders on daily or may be hourly basis. It helps keep track of the sales and purchase department and material management department. It also keeps a track of the customers. It keeps track of the processes right from the purchasing of the raw material to selling of the finished good.


  1. Healthcare Industry

Some of the leading healthcare industries use the SAP software. Now you would ask, what is the need of SAP software? The SAP software comes very handy when it comes to healthcare industry. It keeps the track of all the patients that come in and go out. This way keeping the track of number of rooms available is easy. It also keeps the track of number of patients assigned to a doctor and the nurse. This helps to keep track of not over burdening the doctors and nurses. It keeps a record of all the medicines used. Also helps in keeping stock of the medicines and surgical equipments. It maintains a list of purchase required in the future. It also keeps the track of the patient’s reports and medical history. It shows all the appointments lined up for a day and manages the OT for the doctors.


  1. Education Industry

It will surprise you to know that the SAP software is also used in the education department. In the education department the SAP ERP system looks after the scheduling of the timetables. It keeps track of the student reports and progress. It helps keep record of finance of the school. It helps in assigning teacher with the class and sees how many numbers of periods they are conducting.

Uploading the test results online is possible. This allows the parents to get the real time update of their child. It also keeps the track of student’s attendance. This way the parents have the knowledge if the student has attended the school or not. Also the parents can view their child’s progress. They need not wait for the parents’ teacher meeting to know their child’s progress. It takes care of all school related activities.


  1. Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry also uses the SAP software. For example as a guest checks in a hotel the help desk reception registers and logs the client in the database. When the customer visits a restaurant the manager updates the system. This bill gets updated with the name of the customer. Now every time the customer uses a facility in the hotel the system gets updated. Finally when the customer checks out of the hotel the final bill gets displayed. The reception system views the bill and conducts a hassle free checkout.


Final word

There are many SAP consultants and SAP Consulting services (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia) in Australia who are proficient in providing you with the best of solution. Think Tank Digital Optimizers as SAP consulting service know how to do the work. Think Tank Digital Optimizers will make you business processes into a smooth experience. Let it be any kind of business nature, the Australian SAP consultants (Think Tank Digital Optimizers- SAP Australia) will provide you with best customized ERP system. Because a cluttered business operation can never yield great success.