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Digital Marketing Strategy Melbourne

It’s a process of identifying, articulating and executing on digital opportunities that will increase your organization’s competitive advantage

Web Design Melbourne

Here are we to make your Dream come true!! Think Tank Digital's a company known for its aesthetic, effective website designing and building websites.

Online Ecommerce website Melbourne

Marketing strategy for ecommerce online stores/ Generate MAGENTO and WOOCOMMERCE based websites. Virtual Trial room for online store.

Automation Marketing Melbourne

It is a revolutionary way of marketing. Those days are gone when we use traditional marketing. Use this funnel of market segment where you can

Online Marketing & SEO Melbourne

Word of mouth/social media marketing (facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc) campaigns/Email marketing and nourishing leads/YouTube ads or


We at Thinktank are all set with a wide variety of skills to develop your visionary Software and APPs with certified software engineers.

Google AdWords

Launching your business online easy, sustaining is the hard part. If you are reading this right now, chances are your sales targets are not being met.

We provide Wordpress web design Services Melbourne. Custom made WordPress website design and development Melbourne.

We are Wordpress web design Services Melbourne will help you meet your business goal with our creative strategy that will reflect you business brand.

If you are looking for WordPress website design Service Melbourne, look no further.


Our team of wordpress expert and WordPress professionals offers you the best WordPress web design and development service in Melbourne with extensive experience and satisfactory results, from Melbourne no matter where you are.We are WordPress Melbourne agency.

Creating a WordPress web design Melbourne:


Before starting any project, we contact you and we make a strong effort to achieve a complete understanding of your wishes and needs to get the results you hoped for and more; Taking into account that in the design of a website this should always be practical, attractive and catch all the wishes of its creator and the users no matter what industry or business you are, in addition to, fit in the current market with a proper strategy of marketing.

In order to find the right look for your website based on what an optimal website requires, we must understand the exact as possible your wishes and put that on the screen.

WordPress Websites with multiple platforms:

To make your website successful, you must be mobile-friendly without a doubt, ignoring this detail can make your customers believe that you do not care about them and their needs, besides being a complete waste with the current use of mobile devices; we create an optimal visual experience for different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, this means you will have perfect functionality, flexibility for users and their different ways of accessing this, as well as a great and clean visual experience.

We work with WordPress:

It is to be expected that a responsible company works exclusively with the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world and has the best reputation; WordPress is flexible, easy to use and very powerful, with a bit of training, you will soon be updating and customizing your website.

We design sites according to your needs, with a spectacular unique design that represents your brand focusing heavily on usability, easy navigation and customer satisfaction, always looking for new ways to keep your website fresh and adaptable.

With WordPress you can choose a theme and install it, you can add customizations, add widgets and plugins to improve the user interface and facilitate browsing your site.

WordPress Themes Melbourne

WordPress templates or themes are design templates that serve to establish the look and structure of your blog.

It is backed by a large official community, both professional and users, who is dedicated to the design of these templates, are usually listed on the official site ofWordPress themes once they have been officially tested and approved. Although the philosophy of WordPress is based on a valid markup according to the guidelines of the W3C, the possibilities of this system, both at the level of design, structure or management, and the flexibility of the system of templates and widgets in particular, are enormous and practically allow to have from a simple blog to a custom CMS.


WordPress Widgets Melbourne:

WordPress also has a widget system for your templates from version 2.2 and this allows us to choose between numerous possibilities and flexibility for the design and structure of your blogs. Although these widgets are very useful, and facilitate the navigation of the user and the client in the interface of the website offering shortcuts to specific functions and a great variety of functionalities, not all the templates support it.

With WordPress Melbourne we can offer to you WordPress website development and WordPress design for the following types of web pages.

  1. WordPress Blogs

Since the tool was created for it, it should be the first on the list, a blog is a site where you can publish articles and content on any specific topic, it can be similar to an electronic magazine with constant updates to stay fresh.

  1. Portfolio

If you are an artist, photographer, web designer or marketer and need to create a site where you can showcase your work, a gallery where you can demonstrate your talent to get customers, buyers, partners, freelancers or people interested in working with you WordPress is ideal for creating a modern site, with a great attractive design in which you can show your creations.

  1. E-Commerce website

Incredibly WordPress can be used to create a virtual store where you can sell any type of product, its plugins allow the user to create an interface easy to use and navigate with all the features that a virtual store needs, such as images, add price, Payment methods, description and more, in addition, offer to us synchronization with the most used payment processors such as Paypal, 2Checkout, Clickbank, Alertpay, etc.

  1. Sales Letters

For direct marketing is common to use sales letters with all types of product on the Internet, these describe the benefits and everything necessary to achieve a belief of the customer and when he or she is reading it, inmediately buy the product.

  1. Capture pages

A very feasible option when you start a Facebook marketing campaign and you need to capture the data of the people who click the ads to evaluate and consider them prospects or possible clients, WordPress prevents you complications with HTML or another similar tool that requires Specific programming knowledge, you can set a special theme and simply synchronize your email marketing software with WordPress and you will have a quick capture page for your list of potential clients.

  1. Membership Sites

If you want to create a site for a community for which you are paid to be able to belong, the power of WordPress plugins allows you to acquire your site in a few days.

  1. Review Sites

These can be used in any industry to give your opinion and experience about a product or service that is offered, are usually used for internet marketing to promote a product as an affiliate; You write a review and people can read and leave your comment about the product or service, relating your experience as a customer or user.

  1. Corporate web pages

Without a doubt the best option to make your business or company known and offer your products or services online, using WordPress tools you can add information about who you are, your history, your customers, reputation, market and all kinds of useful information for attract customers.

You need the help of a professional web design Services Melbourne.

– Our WordPress web designer Melbourne can make it from zero or improve your website to finishing it, we can manage it and keep it always according to your needs and desires, letting you personalize what you want but helping you when there is something a bit too technical for you; We will answer your questions, and you will be more and more able to manage your website by yourself.

– Something very important when designing your website is security, and many people are unaware of this, WordPress has become the most reliable platform due to its popularity, making use of this from larger and consolidated companies to the smallest , But many of these pages that have been created by people who might not know enough security or design and development of web pages are the easiest target for hackers, being hacked up to once a day; So we can offer you a complete service of WordPress website design and website development always under your wishes, with optimum maintenance, performance, profitability and easy to use, and also offer you good security to prevent your website from being hacked.

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